Know The Common Eye Infections Caused By Contact Lenses

By on January 13, 2015

There are various types of Eye Infections Caused by Contact Lenses that can occur if you do not take good care of the contact lenses that you use.

It is very important to dust the contact lenses as instructed by an optician band failing to do so might result in eye complications and eye irritations of different varieties.

Eye Infections Caused by Contact Lenses

Some of the most common forms of eye infections by contact lenses are as follows:

Eye Infections Caused By Contact Lenses


Keratitis is one of the most common Eye Infections Caused by Contact Lenses. It is corneal infection during which a round and clear dome covers the pupil and the iris of the eye.

There are multiple causes of Keratitis like bacteria, microbes, fungus and herpes. It is one of the most severe complications that contact lens wearers can go through. This infection can result in corneal scarring which can also impair vision.

Conjunctival Problems

There are different types of conjunctivitis’s that can be caused due to contact lenses. These include allergic conjunctivitis, giant papillary conjunctivitis, idiopathic superior limbic kerato conjunctivitis and toxic conjunctivitis.

Allergic conjunctivitis arises because of thiomersal sensitivity. Thiomersal is a preservative that is used in contact lens care solutions. Giant papillary conjunctivitis arises due to lens intolerance.

People who wear hydrogel lenses generally suffer from idiopathic superior limbic kerato conjunctivitis. Toxic conjunctivitis might occur due to the cleaning solutions which are used for contact lenses.

Mechanical Injury

Mechanical injury is caused because of damaged or cracked contact lenses. This type of injury might also result out of the trauma while removing or inserting the contact lens. This might also be the result of friction of formed debris on the contact lens.

Tight Lens Syndrome

Tight lens syndrome is mainly sighted with the RGP lenses and if the lenses are used overnight. This is a condition when the contact lens does not show any movement on blinking. It appears to be firmly stuck to the cornea.

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