Best Methods For Foreign Object In Eye Removal

By on November 5, 2015

A foreign object in the eye means something that enters the eye from outside the body.

This foreign object can be almost anything from a dust particle to a metal shard, which does not belong there naturally.

A foreign object getting into the eyes usually affects the conjunctiva or the cornea of the eyes.

Foreign object in eye removal is necessary because foreign objects in the eye can cause scratches or abrasions on the cornea.

The injuries are generally minor but there are some foreign objects that can result in infections and can even damage the vision of an individual.

Foreign Object In Eye Removal

Foreign Object In Eye Removal Methods

Some of the best methods that can be used for foreign object in eye removal are as follows:

Removal Of Dust Particles

If some dust particles get into the eyes, try pinching the upper eyelids gently with two fingers and bring the particles forward for stimulating the tears that can help in rinsing the particles out. You also have the option of turning over the eyelid for getting hold of the dust particles and then sticking them out using a handkerchief or clean gauge.

Removal Of Dangerous Pellets Like Porcelain, Glass Or Iron Fillings

For removing dangerous pellets like glass, porcelain or iron fillings from the eyes close the eyes and the cover them with lean wine glass. Cover with gauze layer and fix the layer with bandage and then visit a doctor immediately for effective treatment. Avoid rolling the eyeballs or rubbing or wiping the eyes.

Removal of Corrosive Chemicals

Immediate rising of eye with is best method for foreign object eye removal, when the object is some kind of corrosive chemicals. Timely first aid along with correct methods of rinsing corrosive chemicals such as caustic soda or sulfuric acid from the eyes can help you in avoiding blindness. Water should be used immediately for rinsing the eyes. The yes can also be immersed in water as this helps in getting the chemicals out. Of course, this is just first-aid, immediate medical attention is required.

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