3 Easy Home Remedies For Itchy Eyes From Allergies

By on December 2, 2014

Are you suffering from discomfort in your eyes due to allergies, and want to try alternative medication to overcome it. Then there are many natural remedies for itchy eyes from allergies, which you can try at home.

Our body is programmed to fight the invasion of foreign bodies in it. When this reaction becomes an acute reaction then you would suffer from symptoms like sneezing, cold and itchiness in the eyes.

It has been estimated that 50 million Americans suffer from allergies and 4% of this segment are people who suffer from itchy eyes.

Remedies For Itchy Eyes From AllergiesWhen you suffer from itchy eyes you could suffer from inflammation around your eye around followed by sensation of itchiness. You can consult an eye expert in this regard and also use a few easy home remedies for itchy eyes from allergies.

Home Remedies for Itchy Eyes from Allergies

Here are some natural remedies for Itchy eyes from allergies that you can try at home.

Apply Cold Compression over Your Eyes

When you are looking for quick relief to solve your itchy eyes problem, then the best solution here would be to use cold compression over the allergy infected eye area.

The simple method to use here is to take out an ice tray and place the ice cubes in a simple clean bowl. The bowl filled with ice cubes can be set aside for a few minutes to melt.

Now take a clean soft cloth and immerse a portion of the cloth into the cold water and extract out the excess water.

Now place the cold cloth over your eyes for a few minutes. You would receive immediate relief. This cold compression can be done a few times a day for best results.

Use Thin Cucumber Slices

Cucumber plays an important role when one discusses natural remedies cure at home for itchy eyes. It is known to reduce swelling around the eyes and also gently soothe the inflamed area around the eyes.

The best thing is that it works silently without causing any side effects around the sensitive area of the eye. To use cucumber to heal your itchy eye problem, you would need to first cut into thin slices and put the slices into a refrigerator.

After 20 minutes take them out and place them over the affected portions of your eye. Place the slices over the affected eye area for 10 to 15 minutes and you would enjoy quick solution to your itchy eye problem in no time.

Cold Milk Application

You can soak a small portion of cold portion in a clean cotton swab and then place it over the eyes. After a few minutes you would enjoy immense cooling sensation and this would get rid of your itchy eye problem.

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