Why Do Some People Remember What They Dreamt?

By on February 17, 2014

Every one of us does dream in sleep. But, when we wake up from sleep, we may or may not remember what we have dreamt.

Few people are able to recall everyday what they have dreamt, while others are not able to recall what they have dreamt.

A new research done by Neuropsychopharmacology has identified that part in human brain, which helps the people in recalling what they have dreamt.

People who can recall what they have dreamt everyday are known as “high dream recallers”, and who can’t recall are known as “low dream recallers”.

Dream RecallersEarlier in January 2013, a research was done by Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, who made two observations due to which high dream recallers are able to recall their dreams

  • High dream recallers are more alert during sleep than the low dream recallers
  • High dream recallers have brains, which are more reactive to sounds, when they are awake or in sleep.

The latest research was able to find out the part of the brain, which is responsible for this kind of characteristics shown by high dream recallers. They have identified this part as temporo-parietal junction in our brain. This part which is the information hub of our brain, and it is more active in high dream recallers than the low dream recallers.

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