Syria Polio Outbreak Confirmed by UN and WHO

By on October 30, 2013

Health Agency in UN confirmed an outbreak of polio in War-torn Syria, which had been free of the crippling disease since 1999.

Also, the government warns that the disease can spread among an estimated half-million children who haven’t been immunized because of civil war.

WHO spokesman Oliver Rosenbauer said that, it is a communicable disease.

As the population moves, it can travel to other areas. So, there is higher risk of spreading across the region.

Syria Polio OutbreakRegionally, the neighboring places Jordan and Lebanon are more likely to be at higher risk as these two area shaving absorbed the majority of Syrian immigrants escaping those warn-torn areas, in which most of the children haven’t been vaccinated yet.

Usually, the virus that causes polio infects the children who live in unsanitary environments and consume foods and drinks that are contaminated with feces. The virus can even affects the nerves and can kill or paralyze. Before we notice the symptoms, the virus can spread widely and start crippling the children.

A vaccination campaign has been started after the confirmation of polio outbreak in Syria. UNICEF executive director Anthony Lake, said the polio outbreak is not only a distressed issue for Syria, but now it becomes as a global problem.

WHO and UN children’s Agency have planned to provide immunization for 2.4 million children in Syria. Among those 2.4 million children, 500,000 children have never been vaccinated against any kind of major illnesses.

Even the vaccination campaign is launched by the Syrian Government;the campaign faces many difficulties with lack of access in several parts of the war-torn country. UN officials have also warned about the spread of the disease in Syria due to improper access to vaccinations and basic hygiene.

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