Primary Androgen Deprivation Therapy For Prostate Cancer Treatment Is Ineffective

By on March 17, 2014

A new study conducted by Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center scientists has found out that Primary Androgen Deprivation therapy, which used for treating early prostate cancer in men, is an ineffective treatment.

For this study was conducted using the database of 15,170 patients and found out that men with early prostate cancer who took primary androgen deprivation therapy instead of going for radiation therapy or surgery lived nearly the same period of time as that of a person who did not took any treatment for prostate cancer.

The research team of this study team even said that taking this treatment can also into other dangerous health condition like diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

Androgen Deprivation Therapy

Primary Androgen Deprivation TherapyAndrogen deprivation therapy is widely used for treating early prostate cancer. In this therapy, the testosterone production is suppressed.

Actually, testosterone is the male hormone that is considered as the main cause for development of prostate cancer.

In the later stages of prostate cancer, the survival rates of this therapy along with radiation have shown effective.

Thus, this therapy was considered as the standard metastatic prostate cancer treatment. But, there were no established trails to show it effectiveness.

Arnold Potosky, PhD, a professor of oncology and director of health services research at Georgetown Lombardi, who is the lead of this study, said that there is no strong reason for using this Primary Androgen Deprivation therapy for treating early prostate cancer.

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