Possible Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Found

By on June 6, 2013

Good news for people suffering with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), possible treatment has been found.

A new therapy known as Immune Training has shown positive clinical trials for treating MS and other autoimmune diseases.

Actually Multiple Sclerosis is autoimmune disorder, which attacks brain, spinal cord, and optical nerves.

In this disease the protein myelin sheath around the brain’s nerve cells is damaged, as a result the nerves won’t be able to communicate with each other.

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment This makes the body’s immune system to think the protein myelin as some foreign body and attacks it.

As it attacks brain, spinal cord, and optical nerves, it results in showing the symptoms such as limb numbness, paralysis, and sometimes even blindness.

Of course, medications for treating MS are already available. But they can just decrease the severity of the immune attacks, but are not able to completely cure the disease.

In a study on nine people by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, this new therapy for the treating Multiple Sclerosis has shown positive clinical trials.

Researchers said that the therapy included taking blood samples of the MS patients. From which the white blood cells were taken and coupled with fragments of protein myelin. This was injected back into the patient’s body. This made them tolerant to protein myelin.

Researchers also said that as the study was done just on nine people, it is too small to confirm the benefits of the outcome. It had shown positive results in treating immune reaction. They want to soon go for larger clinical trials.

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