Possible Diabetes Control With Short Walks

By on June 12, 2013

According to a study released by Journal Diabetes care higher levels of type-2 diabetes in older people can be controlled by taking a moderate 15 minutes of walk after each meal.

According to the leader of this study Loretta DiPietro of the Department of Exercise Science at The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, when a person is young and fit, blood sugar, and glucose is driven in to the muscle cells, and liver by the insulin in the body. It is stored there for the production on energy in our body.

Diabetes Control with Short WalksBut, with the growing age this system doesn’t work properly. And as a result an elevated blood sugar level is observed. This increase in sugar levels not only results in diabetes, but also results in many other heart diseases.

It is recommended to exercise regularly for 45 minutes to control sugar levels in blood. But, most of the older people do not get motivated, or not able to exercise.

Researchers have conducted walking experiment on ten 60yrs old people with elevated blood sugar levels. They walked for 45minutes on treadmill in mid-morning, or in during afternoon hours, or 15 minutes walk after each controlled meal. [Tips for Dealing with Diabetes Mellitus]

Both continuous 45minutes walk and three times of post meal 15 minutes walk have shown good results in controlling the sugar level. But, 15 minutes post meal walk was more effective in controlling the blood sugar level.

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