Now To-Be-Fathers Too Can Feel Unborn Baby Kicks

By on June 13, 2013

It is a known fact that pregnant mothers can feel the baby kicking inside the womb. It is really a wonderful experience. But, the to-be-fathers miss this wonderful experience.

If you are to-be-father, then don’t worry. A new device has been introduced which helps the fathers to feel their Unborn Baby Kicks.

Nappy manufacturers, Huggies along with Ogilvy & Mather Argentina have created a pair of belts that allows the both parents to feel the movements of the unborn baby in womb.

Huggies - Unborn Baby KicksBoth the expected parents have to wear this belt around their waist. This allows them to feel the movements of the baby in the womb at that time.

After experimenting for four months, Huggies have released a video relating to belt. In the video, we can see that a pregnant woman is wearing a bump like belt.

Another belt similar to belt is worn by her partner. These two belts are then connected. Then, we can see the joyful expressions of the father.

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