Largest Alzheimer’s Study Proved New Genes Associated With This Disease

By on October 28, 2013

A largest study conducted on Alzheimer’s disease has revealed 11 new genes associated with the condition and double the number of known gene variants that already linked to it.

Also there is involvement of certain genes in Alzheimer’s disease, such as one is linked to the abnormal accretion of amyloid protein in the brain that has been linked with the disease.

Also the study finds some new gene related risk factors that influence cell functioning.

Actually until 2009, only 11 genes are identified associated with Alzheimer’s, but with the new study, the list is doubled.

The reveal of new genes had given a big challenge for doctors to discover the new drugs and therapies.

Alzheimer'sAll these genes are not the good drug targets, however this longer list of genes that you know are implicated in the disease.

So, there are greater chances of identifying the person who might be the best candidate for the drug. Also, the research revealed that it will take 10-15 years to develop the new drug therapies for newly identified genes.

Also, an expert in the disease has identified that Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented by replacing the faulty genes.

There are some nasal sprays full of healthy versions of defective genes responsible for the disease. These sprays can be given to both men and women to prevent the disease from progressing further.

Some researchers suggest that all the people should be screened in their middle ages to identify particular who are at the risk of memory problems. Then those people are given with gene therapies and some other treatments to stop the illness from progressing.

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