Human Microbiome’s Role In Maintenance Of Health And Well-Being

By on January 10, 2014

Human microbiomes, which are in trillions present in and on our body. Until recently, they were considered to be just some random elements.

But, scientist believe that they not just some random elements; they actually play an important role in maintaining our health well-being.

Presently, there are many questioned raised about the human microbiomes.

American Academy of Microbiology released new reports, which provides answers to most of the questions that are frequently asked in this area of research.

What Does The Report Say about Human Microbiomes

Human MicrobiomeOne of the members of the steering committee which developed this report, Lita Proctor of the National Human Genome Research Institute said that scientists are finding astonishing information about these microbiomes.

They have found that these microbiomes are not responsible for developing diseases, but also play a crucial role in maintaining our health and well-being.

Even though from long time, scientists knew that bacteria is found both in and on of body, until the recent advancements in the technology of DNA sequencing and other molecular techniques, the traditional microbiologist just focused studying on individual species as isolated, culturable units.

But, with these new advancements, it gave a chance to study these microbiomes in details, and treat them as communities and their relationship with the host, i.e. our body.

According to the report, scientist say that they play a crucial role in many metabolic and developmental process of our body, and they even ply important role in many brain functioning.

Reports also highlights that these human microbiomes are also responsible for development of obesity, and IBS. The report also offers few tips about obesity and IBS [Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome Pain] with respect to microbiomes.

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