Eating Unhealthy Foods Can Be Less Tasty When Eaten While Seeing Into Mirror

By on December 18, 2015

Most Often, people eat unhealthy food just because they think that unhealthy foods tastes better.

A research conducted aiming solutions for promoting healthy eating habits, and there by combating one of the dangerous consequences of present day eating habits, i.e. Obesity.

According to this research, the tastiness of an unhealthy food reduced, when it is eaten in presence of a mirror. This actually helps in reducing the consumption of unhealthy foods.

For this research, a taste study was conducted on 185 undergraduate students who were told to choose between a chocolate cake and a fruit salad. After that they were to evaluate the tastes of both the dishes, while eating in a room with mirror and in a room without any mirrors in it.

Eating Unhealthy Foods

Students who picked chocolate cake evaluated the taste and told that it was less tasty when eaten it in room with a mirror when compared to room without any mirror. Whereas, students who picked fruit salad told that there was no change in taste, when it was eaten in room with mirror, and room without mirror.

Ata Jami is the lead researcher, and he is from University of Central Florida. He explained that when people have a glance into the mirror, it is not just about how they look. But, also enables them to view themselves objectively, and also helps in them in judging themselves and their behavior, just like they judge others.

People look into a mirror; it helps them to compare themselves, and their behavior with social standards of correctness. Therefore, when a person fails does not like to see into mirror when he or she fails to follow the social standards of correctness because doing so enhances the discomfort of the failure.

Similarly, when a person eats unhealthy food in front of a mirror, it induces discomfort in that person and also reduces the tastiness of the unhealthy food. And, when a healthy food is eaten in front of a mirror, it does not induce any discomfort making no change in taste of healthy food.

According to suggestion of this research mirrors are to be placed in dining rooms and other eating places. This will allow people to look themselves while eating, which can turn out into an effective way of encouraging healthy eating practices by restaurants and individuals.

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