Does HPV Vaccination Leads To Risky Sexual Behavior?

By on February 3, 2014

Many people believe that teenage girls and young woman who take HPV vaccination may result into initiation of sex or unsafe sexual behavior in them.

A new study by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center has shown that such sought of sexual behavior is not linked to perceptions of risk.

Actually, human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections among woman. Nearly 7.5 million girls aged between 14 and 24 of America get infected to HPV.

This infection may result into cervical cancer and many other genital cancers in woman.

HPV VaccinationBut, with the help of vaccination 70% of types of HPV that cause cervical cancer can be prevented. It is recommended that teenage girls and young women who in the age group 11 to 26 should have vaccination.

This study shows that whether this belief is true or not, but these beliefs does not show any link about sexual behaviors during the period of six months from vaccination.

Most of them who enrolled in this study believed that even after having HPV vaccination, it is better to practice safe sex and even thought that this vaccination will stop them from having sexually transmitted diseases.

Jessica Kahn, MD, of this study said these results will help in creating assurance in parents to get their children to have HPV vaccination, and there will be an increase in vaccination rates. Ultimately, there will be decrease in rates of patients with cervical cancer and other genital cancers that are caused by this virus.

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