AAP Updates Guidelines Of Urgent Care Centers For Kids

By on April 28, 2014

American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) has updated its policy on treatment of children in urgent care centers.

In this policy update, AAP committee has made few recommendations and highlighting the gaps in awareness on treatment of children at these centers.

This committee of AAP was led by Gregory Conners, MD, MPH, MBA, Chief of the Division of Emergency and Urgent Care at Children’s Mercy Hospital.
Recommendation by this committee was published in journal “Pediatrics” May issue with the title “Pediatric Care Recommendations for Freestanding Urgent Care Facilities”.

Nearly 150 millions of adults and kids annually in America are treated at Urgent care centers. These figures are according to the estimates of Urgent Care Association of America estimates.

Guidelines Of Urgent Care Center, Urgent Care Center GuidelinesAccording to the policy prior to these recommendations treatment for kids at urgent care centers is widespread, but there wasn’t enough research on nature, and scope of these units.

The new policy update by AAP committee offers how urgent care centers can improve their services and be safer in treating children in addition to Primary Health Centers for Children.

Gregory Conners, the lead of the committee said that there is need to establish a basic research on the improving the nature, scope, and working of urgent care centers in the treatment of children.

Dr. Conners also said there need to clearly define when there is a need for urgent care in treating children, and the urgent care centers should be integrated with Primary Care Centers for Children.

According to this updated policies, the urgent care centers while treating children in emergencies, they should be able evaluate timely, and stabilize the situation, and able to transfer kids when required.

There should be even proper timely monitoring and improvement. And this committee also provided recommendations with regards to staffing, disaster relief, and emergency preparedness.

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