Foods To Include In Your Healthy Gut Diet

By on April 29, 2016

When you eat a meal, you actually fed the 100 trillion bacteria residing in the gut and in the other organs of your body. The microbes that live inside the gut affect our weight, mood and health.

These bacteria possess the ability of breaking down food and turning it into usable energy sources for synthesizing vitamins.

There are a number of factors that influence the health of the gut and these include birth type, age, environment and genetics.

However, it is the diet of an individual which serves as the main factor influencing the health of the gut. So, what are the foods that need to be included in a healthy gut diet?

Foods For Healthy Gut Diet

Let us have a look at the foods, which you can include in your healthy gut diet:

Healthy Gut Diet


Yogurt is probiotic food consisting of less added sugars specifically if you are going for plain yogurt rather than favored yogurt. It is one of the best foods to be included in a healthy gut diet because of the healthy bacteria that it possesses.


Bananas are quite good at restoring the health of the bacteria present in the gut and even in reducing inflammation. Bananas work in the form of a pacemaker maintaining harmony among the microbes within the bacterial community called phyla. They are rich in their content of magnesium and potassium and thus help in reducing inflammation.


They help in releasing SCFA or short chain fatty acids that support the strengthening of the intestine cells. Beans also helps in improving micronutrients absorption and in losing weight. They feed the good bugs in the gut and help strengthen the immune system.

Real Sauerkraut

This is fermented cabbage consisting of healthy bacteria that help in preserving the health of the gut. It works in the form of a tonic for the gastrointestinal tract providing great benefits to the immune system.


These are potent probiotics consisting of indigestible nutrients that can be of good help in feeding the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.

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