Effective Methods For Hemorrhoid Treatment While Pregnant

By on November 26, 2015

There is nobody who likes to talk about hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are quite uncomfortable affecting over 50% women especially when they are pregnant during the mid-second to the third semesters. These are varicose veins located in the rectum appearing very similar to a pile of grapes.

During the 25th week, the uterus begins enlarging and there is an increase in flow of blood to the pelvic area in a pregnant woman. This often results in the swelling of the veins of the rectal wall which is quite itchy as well.

Pregnant women who tend to suffer from constipation are the worst victims of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid treatment while pregnant is important due to the fact that the condition can be very painful and at the same time dangerous too.

Hemorrhoid Treatment While Pregnant

Effective Hemorrhoid Treatment While Pregnant

Methods that can be used for hemorrhoid treatment while pregnant, which work effective in treating are mentioned below

Proper Exercise

Pregnant women must practice proper exercise as it helps in improving blood circulation. You must not stand or sit for a very long time. Taking a good walk for an hour regularly can help in improving blood circulation in the rectal region. Kegel exercise is preferred to avoid hemorrhoids.


Make sure to include plenty of fiber foods to diet. And also make sure to drink of water and fluids. This will help in avoiding constipation.

Sleeping On The Side

Sleeping on the side rather than sleeping on the back is recommended because it helps in reducing the pressure resulting in hemorrhoids. Pregnant women should always make it a point to lie down on their left side as it helps in relieving the pressure generated on the rectal veins.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Trying non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment while pregnant, is considered one of the best ways to get rid of this embarrassing problem. Stool softener creams, hemorrhoid creams, medicated wipes, etc are prescribed for treatment.

Home Remedies

Home remedies like the use of witch hazel, soaking in Sitz bath, applying aloe vera cream and proper cleaning post bowel movement can always be of good help in treating hemorrhoid during pregnancy.


Surgery might be needed for hemorrhoids during pregnancy especially when the bleeding is uncontrollable with several hemorrhoids present both externally and internally. It is to be noted that there are risks involved in surgery and the recovery period also tends to be a little longer.

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