5 Effective Home Remedies Peptic Ulcers To Try

By on October 26, 2015

Peptic ulcers are also known as Stomach ulcers, and it is quite likely to recur and become an unceasing problem. In simple terms, peptic ulcers can be explained as breaking of stomach lining.

A Peptic ulcers suffering patient will commonly experience dull pain and burning sensation in upper abdominal area, and this pain increases with eating.

In place of pursuing some of the common traditional treatment options for peptic ulcers which can result in digestive problems, it is better to go for the home remedies peptic ulcers.

It is always best to try natural remedies not only for ulcers but even for other chronic health conditions because they do not pose any side effects.

Home Remedies Peptic Ulcers

Best Home Remedies Peptic Ulcers

Some common home remedies peptic ulcers that work effectively in treating are included below:


Dried and unripe bananas contain sitoindosides that increase mucus within the digestive tract providing a very strong and protective covering for preventing and healing peptic ulcers. Dried and unripe bananas are also of good help in promoting cell growth within the intestinal tract.


The curative powers of honey can serve as an effective treatment for peptic ulcers. Honey contains an enzyme called glucose oxidase which produces hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide helps in killing harmful bacteria causing ulcers. Honey also contains floral antibacterial elements which help in eliminating bacteria.


It has been proved through research that flavonoids which are also called bioflavonoids help in treating peptic ulcers in a very effective manner. These are compound occurring naturally in vegetables and fruits. Thus if you want to get rid of peptic ulcers, have foods like soybeans, kale, red grapes, broccoli and berries.

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice is one of the best home remedies peptic ulcers. This is plain licorice which has its sweet flavor extracted. This type of licorice is considered of good help in treating peptic ulcers.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E also serves as one of the most common natural remedies that can be very effective in eliminating peptic ulcers. You can have foods like tofu, spinach and nuts for increasing your intake of vitamin E.

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