15 Effective Ways Of Natural Treatment For Appendicitis

By on November 5, 2014

It is very important to seek professional advice when it comes to any kind of serious health conditions like appendicitis.

But with the doctor’s approval, following some natural treatment for Appendicitis will help prevent the need of more intrusive treatment methods.

In few cases, surgery is the only method considered as appendicitis treatment. Usually appendicitis is treated with a combination of antibiotics and surgery.

But detecting the condition in its early stages can leave you with several choices for natural treatment of appendicitis at home.

Here are the Ways for Natural Treatment for Appendicitis:

Natural Treatment For Appendicitis

  1. As we all know that garlic is an effective natural remedy for many illnesses, it also works best in reducing the swollen appendix.
  2. Drinking enough water is not only good for overall health but also help to maintain healthy appendix.
  3. Consuming a liter of butter milk a day can help treat chronic appendicitis. Butter milk helps by preventing the growth of bacterial in your appendix.
  4. If you are suffering from frequent constipation, it is not good for the health of appendix. Constipation can cause further inflammation of appendix. So, avoid constipation by consuming high fiber diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables and whole grains.
  5. Taking mint leaves help to reduce the pain associated with appendicitis. Mix 2-3 drops of mint essence in a glass of drinking water and have it for every 2-3 hours.
  6. Carrot, Beetroot, and cucumber juices are all very helpful in naturally avoiding and treating appendicitis.
  7. Take small quantities of green gram thrice a day to treat chronic appendicitis.
  8. If you notice fever associated with appendicitis, a decoction of the basil leaves or borage juice can give you much relief.
  9. Whole wheat along with wheat germ and bran when consumed regularly can help to avoid appendicitis and several other digestive ailments.
  10. Dandelion and agrimony tea are effective in treating appendicitis.

  11. Drinking tea made by boiling fenugreek seeds in water is also a very good remedy.
  12. Mixture of ginger and turmeric can help reduce the pain and inflammation caused by appendicitis.
  13. Gotu Kola is a Chinese herb used for effective treatment of appendicitis. But remember that people who have hypertension should not take this herb.
  14. Agrimony is also an herb used effectively for the treatment of appendicitis. This is consumed in the form of tea for every 2-3 hours.
  15. Lemon juice in combination with honey mixed in 1:1 quantities is very beneficial for the health of patients suffering from appendix pain.

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