Know the Benefits of Diabetic Insulin Pumps

By on June 28, 2013

The usage of diabetic insulin pumps has dramatically increased in the youth who are suffering from type 2 diabetes in the past decade. There are so many advantages by using these insulin pumps.

This device can accurately dose even very small insulin amounts, consistently deliver the basal rate of insulin.

Many studies have proved that people who are using diabetic insulin pumps experienced improved glucose management results.
This will allow more flexibility in the lifestyle and also potential to even out wide fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Here are the advantages of using insulin pumps:

Diabetic Insulin PumpsDiabetic insulin pumps can eliminate the need of using insulin injections with syringe:

Rather than more than one injection every day, only you need to insert the needle into insulin pump for every 2 or 3 days.

You can be able to level out your blood glucose swings:

As you are getting a constant and low dosage of insulin for entire day, you are not prone to rapid raise or drop in the blood glucose levels, which can often occur after insulin injection due to fast acting insulin.

Diabetic insulin pumps can be able to reduce the reactions that occur due to low blood sugar:

There can be a greater risk of hypoglycemia with the insulin injections since you must take high amount of insulin at a time. With the continuous flow of insulin pumps, there is no need to take large amounts at a time, so there is low risk.

Especially this is helpful in the night when injecting high doses of insulin could increase the risk of low reaction while in sleep.

Insulin pumps can increase the diabetes management flexibility:

If your busy schedule causes you to skip meals or to eat in odd times occasionally, then you can be able to adjust these circumstances more easily with this pump. Since these pumps can use fast-acting insulin, high amount of insulin can be given simply by pushing a button to cover the meal.

Eventually, the insulin pump can adjust according to your lifestyle through calculating the response of your body. By giving greater control of your diabetes, insulin pump therapy can be able to provide more flexible lifestyle for you.

Prior to using diabetes insulin pumps, you should be trained in its usage. Pump training with the professional doctor or nurse can be done in few sessions. With this training you can be able to fit your insulin pump into your therapy goals and lifestyle. You should also know the complications of this device.

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