5 Best Alternatives To Sugar For Diabetic Patients

By on January 2, 2014

Sugar!!! It’s very dangerous to consume, especially if you are a diabetic. Sugar is the major ingredients in various foods and beverages that we consume each day as part of our routine lifestyle.

Consuming refined sugar that is found in various processed foods can ultimately lead to obesity, which can put you at risk of diabetes.

As a diabetic, it is very essential to eliminate those refined sugars from your diet to improve the health and well being. Now you are thinking that, is it possible to eliminate sugar completely from the diet? Yes, there are various best alternatives to sugar especially for diabetic patients, such as:

Agave Nectar

It is sweeter than honey and is a mixture of glucose and fructose sugars. This sweetener is prepared through the extraction and purification of the juice of blue agave plant. A native Mexican plant gives Agave syrup, which blends easily in both the cold and hot drinks.

Best Alternatives To Sugar - Agave Nectar

Brown Rice Syrup

Best Alternatives To Sugar - Brown Rice Syrup

It is less refined than the table sugar and contains 45% maltose, a type of sugar with high glycemic index value. As a diabetic patient, you need to check the foods before eating as foods containing high glycemic index value can cause increased blood sugar levels.

Organic Sugar

Best Alternatives To Sugar - Organic Sugar

As we all know that organic means, there is no inclusion of pesticides and chemicals. In the same way, organic sugar is prepared from sugar cane. This sugar is usually darker in color when compared to table sugar as it is not much processed and it also holds some molasses.


Best Alternatives To Sugar - Stevia

Stevia is a great and healthy sugar alternative when it is in its natural state. When compared to table sugar, it is 300 times sweeter. It doesn’t increase your blood sugar levels, so it is best for diabetics.

Maple Syrup

Best Alternatives To Sugar - Maple Syrup

It is naturally occurring syrup, which is high in manganese and zinc. Not only it is natural sugar alternative to diabetics, but also it controls your cholesterol levels. But remember to consume in moderate levels as it causes spikes in blood sugar levels.

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