What Causes Ear Infections in Children? Know The Causes

By on January 31, 2015

There are a large number of patients who want to know What Causes Ear Infections in Children? This is a very simple question to answer.

Ear infections are majorly caused due to the buildup of fluid which pushes against the ear drums resulting in pressure, inflammation and pain.

Ear infections in children are viral rather than bacteria and therefore pediatricians do not prescribe antibiotics for ear infections.

What Causes Ear Infections in Children

Major causes of ear infections in children include:

What Causes Ear Infections in Children


Colds and various other infections of the upper respiratory system in children results in swelling of the nose and this interrupts fluid drainage.

Viruses and bacteria might also enter the ear and they might result in ear infections. Colds lead to excess fluid in the ears, fever, hearing loss and even ear pain.

Underdeveloped Eustachian Tubes

The eustachian tubes in children are not fully mature meaning they are narrow and thus they tend to get blocked time and again.

The eustachian tubes are passages connecting the middle ear and the rear side of the throat. Fluid formation in the middle ear due to blocked eustachian tubes can result in ear infections.

Milk Sensitivity

Sensitivity to milk is another cause of ear infections in children. Children who are sensitive to cow’s milk produce extra mucus and they always have a runny nose. This might result in ear infections especially in infants.

Environmental Factors

Environmental causes such as exposure to smoke and seasonal allergies can increase the chances of ear infections in children.

Weak Immune System

Weak or not fully developed immune system might also be a major cause of ear infections. Parents who wonder what causes ear infections in children should consider the fact that there are several underlying causes that they might not be aware of. Therefore, it is important that parents take extra care in avoiding ear infections in their children.

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