What Are The Symptoms Of Dengue Fever In Children?

By on August 21, 2013

Dengue fever is a disease caused by mosquitoes that affects millions of people across the world.

This disease is transmitted through a virus that spreads through mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are commonly found in areas with tropical climate and humid conditions.

Usually 75% of the affected people experience mild symptoms while 60% to 90% people have serious issues.

This fever also termed as break bone fever, and it can attack your kids. It would be easy for you to detect, if you know the symptoms of dengue fever in children.

Fever with high temperature:

Symptoms Of Dengue Fever In ChildrenAs soon as the infection begins, there will be no high temperature in your kid’s body. But after one or two weeks, your kid would have a high fever that ranges from 99 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The progressive condition of the fever would also hamper the metabolic system in your child’s body. If the fever is accompanied with chills then it has to be considered as one among the symptoms of dengue fever in children.

Low Platelet Count:

When the temperature of the fever is high in your kid, it would infect the blood cells and as a result, the count begins to go low. The normal blood count is 10,000 to 50,000 but the affected one would have only less than 10,000 platelets per unit of blood.

This can lead to a much serious condition, which is bleeding of small blood vessels. This is an important symptom to consider as it can detect the condition of your child badly.

Pain in the abdomen associated with fatigue:

The arbovirus infection, which triggers the dengue fever would cause extreme fatigue that the patient. It would result in immense tiredness and this would make your kid to sleep for longer time.

The movements would become very limited and the fatigue tends to get much stronger as time progresses. Your child would also experience severe pain in the abdomen, which might occur frequently.

Headaches and eye pain:

The infection is known to affect the head, eyes, shoulder and neck. This would make the patient to feel nervous and depressed. Some kids would also have reddish looking eyes and would experience pain underneath the eye region.

Other symptoms would also surface along with this condition, which would make your kid cry out of pain.

Red rashes on the skin surface:

There would be a visible red rash like development, which is a most symptoms of dengue fever in children. This is very prominent feature that you can never miss and it occurs when the development of the disease is at a serious condition.

These rashes look different from measles or other skin diseases. Make sure you consult a doctor immediately to treat this condition.

Internal bleeding:

This is one among the common symptoms of dengue fever in children. Your child would experience mucosal bleeding, which is very common among dengue fever patients. Sometimes the bleeding will also be visible on the skin, eyes, gums, and other sensitive areas.

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