Symptoms And Treatments For Hay Fever In Toddlers

By on November 3, 2015

The other name for seasonal allergies is hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis. These are the symptoms of allergy occurring during specific times of the year generally when the outdoor molds release spores and the weeds, grasses and trees release pollen particles in the air.

Hay fever commonly affects children who are seven years and older. Even teenagers are susceptible to this condition.

The immune systems in people who tend to be allergic to pollen and mold spores treat the allergens in the form of invaders and release certain chemicals in the bloodstream to defend against these particles.

Hay Fever In Toddlers

Symptoms Of Hay Fever In Toddlers

Common symptoms of hay fever in toddlers include:

Running Nose And Itchy Eyes

Running nose and itchy eyes are the common hay fever symptoms in toddlers. These symptoms can turn out to be very distressing for children who might find it very difficult to manage these symptoms.

Developing Cold At The Same Time Every Year

If a child develops cold at the same time every year, it should be taken as a symptom of hay fever. It means that the child is allergic to mold spores and pollen that get transmitted into the air during a specific time of the year.

Some of the most common symptoms of hay fever in a child include nasal congestion, coughing and sneezing. These symptoms might last for two to three weeks.

Treatment For Hay Fever In Toddlers

There is no real treatment for hay fever in toddlers but it is always possible to relieve the symptoms. Parents should make it a point not to get their children exposed to allergens. The windows and the doors of the house should be kept close during the allergy season.

Parents should also make it a point to use air conditioners if possible and get their children stay indoors in times when the pollen counts tend to be high.

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