Importance of Right Nutrition for Child Health

By on June 3, 2013

While in the growing period, it is very important to eat healthy and nutrient food for children as their bodies are in a constant growth state.

Lack of minerals and vitamins may result in the poor growth process and also issues in their later life. For proper child health, it is necessary to eat several healthy and balanced foods along with regular exercise.

Eating healthy foods can stabilize your child health, and energy, even out their minds and sharpen their minds. Kids’ nutrition is based on the same rules as adults’ nutrition. They need same type of nutrition like minerals, protein, fat, and vitamins.

Developing healthy eating habits:

child healthUsually kids develop their natural preference for some foods and they enjoy the most, so here the challenge would be to make the healthful choices appealing.

The childhood impulse to the imitation is very strong; therefore it is necessary to you to act as a role model for your children. Ask your kid to eat vegetables, nutrient rich foods and fruits, but it not good while you are on soda and potato chips.

Foods that you need to include in the diet for proper child health:

Fruits: Encourage the child to eat many fresh, frozen, canned, or even dried fruits instead of fruit juices. In case your child wants to drink juice, ensure that it shouldn’t have any added sugars and it should be 100% pure fruit juice.

Grains: Select whole grains, like oatmeal, quinoa, whole-wheat bread, popcorn, or wild or brown rice.

Protein: Prefer seafood, poultry, lean meat, beans, eggs, soya products, unsalted seeds, nuts, and peas.

Dairy: Feed your child with low fat or fat free dairy products, like yogurt, milk, cheese, or even fortified soy drinks.

Vegetables: Include a variety of canned, frozen or fresh vegetables in meals, specifically dark red, orange and green vegetables, peas and beans.

Tips To Promote Healthy Childhood Eating:

Cook your meals at home: Having home prepared meals can help to boost your child health. Home cooked meals are much healthier for your entire family and also sets the good example for children about the importance of home food.

Have frequent family meals: Dinner and breakfast are great time for having family meal, specifically since children who have breakfast tend to do better in the school.

Get your Kids Involved: Usually kids enjoy helping to their parents to shop for the household groceries, choosing for their lunch box, and preparing the dinner. This is also an opportunity for you to teach them regarding the nutritional values in several foods and also how to read the food labels.

Cook a variety of healthy snack items instead of calorie snacks: Include plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grain snacks and beverages, like milk, fruit juices in their snack. This can promote better child health.

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