How to Deal With Infant Runny Nose?

By on August 9, 2013

Runny nose among babies is a widespread condition that bothers your baby too much. This is a common sign when your baby has got an infection or cold.

The main cause behind the infant runny nose is their under developed system of immunity that is common among the infants and toddlers.

When this condition occurs in babies, they might not be able to drink milk, eat or sleep properly.

The baby’s nose would be so tender that you cannot blow it or cannot express their feeling regarding it.

When you are a new parent, this condition causes a lot of stress and tension as your baby will not stop crying or will take rest.

Infant Runny NoseSome causes of this condition among the babies are infections, common cold, dust, allergies, and influenza, pollen and dust mites. This would cause accumulation of extra mucous in the body of your baby which then leads to infant runny nose.

This condition induces some symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, poor appetite, reddish eyes, cough, diarrhea, vomiting and high fever in infants. However this condition can be cured through some effective treatments that are available below.

Instilling saline drops:

This is a common cure for infant runny nose condition. Put a few drops of saline solution in the nostrils of your baby and wait for few minutes so that your baby’s mucus thins out.

Then make use of a nasal aspirator to suck out the thinned mucous to make sure the nose is clean. This method helps the infants to stay relieved from nasal congestion and also helps them to breathe properly.

Keep the baby hydrated:

Make sure your baby is properly hydrated and offer lots of liquids to keep the baby hydrated. You can offer breast milk as it is the only fluid that is advisable for the infant.

Apart from hydrating breast feeding, it also helps to enhance the immune system of baby and adapt to other conditions. In case if the baby is a bit old to take solid foods then add solid food to milk and feed her.

Offer a clean environment:

When you have an infant at home, it is your duty to make sure that you are providing a dust free environment that, this helps in keeping the environment free from all kind of allergens. You can also make your baby to wear hand mittens as it prevents her from getting any infections through virus.

Replace your child’s pillow cover and bed spreads regularly. You can use a HEPA filter vacuum to keep your room clean. You can keep the home clean without any mold allergies or per allergies as it will make the condition of infant runny nose even worse.

Take your baby to a doctor:

Now that you have followed all these steps but in spite of it your infant runny nose is not cured then you have to make sure that you take the child to doctor as it might be a result of a bacterial or viral infection, which would need some antibiotic medication to cure the condition.

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