Top 5 Healthy Food For Kids In Summer

By on May 20, 2014

Summer hot weather keeps children in need of extra energy with nutritious food to create healthy summer vacation.

But what is your diet plan for your kids this summer?

Not yet planned or ever think about that? No worries!! We are here to help you.

Provide your children healthy food and make them as their summer favorite foods.

Take a look at our summer healthy foods that keep your children active throughout their summer activities.


Healthy Food For Kids In SummerWatermelon is a kid-friendly food packed with 92% of water and an ideal fruit to munch on all summer along.

As the temperature brings hydration levels down, it is essential to stay hydrated during summer to maintain right hydration levels.

Get your kids to munch on watermelon chunks as evening or afternoon snack in summer. It has a lot to offer more than sweetness that are vitamins.

Power Muffins

This is an amazing recipe with wonderful taste. You can include this to your kids Power Breakfast to start their day with complete energy supplements.

You can try innovatively with spinach, squash, banana, broccoli, zucchini and carrot to add extra taste. Muffins are simple to make and delicious, your kids will love it and even ask you for more.


Do you have heaps of bananas that are left unused? If so, you can make your child’s favorite summer food with those extra bananas. Let us know what that is!!

Chop off the bananas into big pieces, store them in a freezer-safe bag and place them in a freezer overnight. Surprisingly, this fat and cholesterol-free fruit chunks make creamy smoothies and is great alternative to ice-creams.

Ice Cream

Ice creams are all time favorite for kids. As we all know, it is difficult to avoid ice cream for children and especially in summer Ice creams have very huge demand.

To cut off unnecessary fats or calories getting through ice cream, you can make it at your home using molds and sticks. You can go for any fruit chunks or fruit juices to fill in the molds and put it in the freezer to freeze. Yummy, delicious and simple healthy food is ready for hot summer day.


Marshmallows offer classic treat during summer afternoons or evenings. Even the kids who are allergic to certain foods and cannot eat chocolate chip can munch on this delicious treat.

To boost your kids ‘nutritional levels, you can mix it with strawberries or to get whole grains benefit toast it, place them between graham crackers along with chocolate chunks.

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