Effects Of Parent’s Smoking On Their Kid’s Health

By on December 6, 2013

As a parent, we all know that smoking near the child is dangerous. When your child is exposed to passive smoking, your child will be at higher risk of developing serious health complications.

Children whose parents are smokers are reported to have the following conditions:

  • Child is at higher risk of developing Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • Child is at increased risk of developing middle ear infections
  • Child is at higher risk of developing coughing, breathlessness and wheezing
  • Kids are at great risk of having respiratory problems like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis and bronchiolitis. [Treating Asthma in Young Children]
  • Effects Of Parent's Smoking On Their Kid's Health

  • Child reports slower lung growth and impaired lung functioning
  • Child will take longer time to recover from colds and other illnesses
  • Child will miss more school days due to illness

Here are some unusual effects of pre and postnatal parental smoking on children:

  • Children whose fathers are smokers may have a greater chance to fall out of average BMI levels when compared to nonsmokers. The research showed that the father’s smoking habit may affect the children’s obesity through biological mechanism, through second hand exposure.
  • Another unusual factor that may affect is on your child’s mental and social health states. It includes several factors, such as depression in the parents, family’s income and social status, parental education, as well as parental alcohol consumption.
  • Children who born to smoking mothers will become aggressive, bully, break rules, cheat and behave disobediently. According to the research, the effects of paternal smoking were almost half that of maternal smoking.

In order to reduce the risk of passive smoking for children, most parents thought to smoke outside. But, there is no evidence to show that it eliminates the risk of passive smoking for children.

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