5 Common Causes of Developmental Delays In Children

By on April 15, 2015

More than 10% of all toddlers, preschool children and infants in the United States fall into the category of developmentally delayed children.

Development delay is a condition when a child is unable to reach particular developmental milestones like talking or walking within normal age range.

There are many causes of developmental delays in children like genetic causes, pregnancy and birth complications but the specific cause is still unknown.

Causes of Developmental Delays

The following are the most common causes of developmental delays in children.

Causes of Developmental Delays

Genetic Influences

Genetic influences which are inherited from biological parents are considered one of the main causes of developmental delays in children. Such inherited disorders include syndromes like fragile-X and metabolic conditions like PKU effectively contributing towards certain biological changes.

Environmental Influences

Environmental influences that might affect the physiology or the development procedure of a child include accidents, cultural disadvantages like being raised in poor conditions of living, illnesses, exposure to harmful toxins, head injuries, lead poisoning and infections.

Prenatal Factors

Prenatal factors are conditions occurring during pregnancy like viral infections, blood incompatibility, exposure to drugs and toxemia can place the child at a risk of development delay.

Perinatal Factors

Perinatal factors or conditions occurring during the birth process like labor and delivery can also work towards abnormal development of children. Difficult labors or prolonged labors that last for not less than twenty-four hours might result in lack of oxygen and head injuries for the child.

Apart from this, development delays are common in premature children or in children with very low birth weight.

Postnatal Factors

Postnatal factors are also one of the common causes of developmental delays in children. Post birth, certain complications like maternal deprivation, the growth of brain tumors, seizure disorders and injuries because of battered child syndrome can result abuse of the child which would further cause development delays.

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