5 Fitness Exercises For Kids To Improve Overall Health

By on December 31, 2014

Fitness is important for all of us – not just for adult but for kids as well.

When it comes to kids’ fitness, they are certainly not eligible for doing the adult exercises or workouts.

There are fitness exercises for kids that are just fun to do but also help in improving overall health.

Kids often learn through fun and thus kids’ exercises should be amusing for them otherwise they would lose interests in workouts.

Fitness Exercises for Kids

Here are top five fitness exercises for kids, which will are just fun to do but also help in improving overall health.

Fitness Exercises For Kids

1. Cycling

Cycling is a great form of exercise and kids also love to spend time on their cycles. Cycling can be learnt from the tender ages, and for toddlers you can buy three wheel cycles.

Cycling strengthens the foot muscles. Apart from that, it also helps in enhancing reflexes and road senses from the tender ages.

2. Swimming

Learning swimming from tender age is always beneficial. Swimming helps to attain overall body fitness. It strengths the body muscles and ensures healthy built up for the kids in future.

So, if you want to see your kids fit, strong and energetic, nothing is better than swimming. Swimming also helps to get rid of the fear of water, which most of us have during our childhood.

3. Regular Push-ups

Rather using machines or exercise accessories, kids should be taught some free hand exercise right from the tender ages.

If your kid’s age is more than 12 years, he or she is ready to learn some push-ups. Do not put over strain on them – just let them to enjoy a few push-ups regularly.

4. Sit-ups

Stand firm, keeping the legs closer to each other and then release the arms in a rectangular motion from back to front. At the same, time bend you knee and come to a seating posture.

Now do the reverse process to stand up and to get back on the initial position. Sit-ups are easy to practice and kids will be benefited through regular practicing.

5. Running

Nothing can be more effective than running, at least 15-20 minutes every day, especially in the early morning. Kids do not like to wake up early, but regular practicing will inherit the habit.

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