Various Natural Remedies For Liver Cancer

By on June 10, 2014

Liver is one of the vital organs of our body. It regulates bio-chemical process of your body. What happens if such an important organ falls sick?

Can you imagine about liver cancer? Yes, Liver cancer is a life-threatening disease that has to be worried.

However, if you detect liver cancer in early stages, it is possible to treat naturally. Make sure to consult your physician before opting for natural remedies for liver cancer.

  • One of the best natural remedies for Liver cancer is Garlic. It has many benefits in curing many health conditions. Liver cancer is no exception. It amazingly stops the multiplication of specific liver cells and their migration as well.
    Various Natural Remedies For Liver Cancer

  • Another liver cancer natural remedy is Grape fruit. It is fully packed with liver cleansers such as vitamin C and antioxidants. It does magic while killing cancer cells.
  • Green leafy vegetables are reported to have effective cleansing compounds like grape fruit. Bitter guard, mustard greens, spinach, arugula can suppress the liver cells proliferation.
  • Do you have the habit of drinking green tea? If yes, then you can keep your odds of developing liver cancer at bay. Make sure to consume 500mg as daily dose and it can be taken in two doses.
  • Turmeric does wonders medicinally to your body. It carries anticancer properties that stop the development of new blood vessels, which are meant to supply tumor cells.
  • Another one of the natural remedies for liver cancer is Astragalus. Try Astragalus as a form of tea or tablets or liquids!!! It helps to stop the growth of liver cancer by reducing the size of the tumor cells.

  • Apple vinegar cider is already known for its medicinal properties. It shows the same effect in curing liver cancers. You can directly have apple vinegar for treating liver cancers.
  • Guduchi is another herb, that can be used as good natural remedy for liver cancer. It detoxifies and removes all the toxins that are accumulated in the liver making dysfunctional.
  • Go Avocado!! Regular intake of two avocados per week helps protecting your liver from cancer. It also repairs damaged liver as well.
  • Add Milk Thistle to your diet at least 250-600mg on a daily dosage to get rid of liver cancers.

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