Treatments For Ovarian Cancer According To The Stages

By on June 15, 2015

Different types of treatments for ovarian cancer are mainly dependent on the stage of the disease.

There are basically four stages of ovarian cancer based on the specific characteristics of this type of cancer.

Some of the common symptoms of ovarian cancer include back and abdominal pain, bloating, abnormal vaginal bleeding, nausea, etc.

Typically, ovarian cancer treatments include chemotherapy and surgery with respect to the stages of cancer.

Stage Wise Treatment For Ovarian Cancer

The different types of treatments for ovarian cancer according to the stages of this disease have been described below:

Treatments For Ovarian Cancer

Stage 1

This is the lowest level where the cancer cells are found within one or both the ovaries. This stage cannot be detected very easily because the cells look very similar to the normal cells of the ovary. Removing the tumor comes as the basic treatment for this stage.

Stage 2

In this stage, the cancer cells spread from either one or both the ovaries having a negative impact on the other tissues located in the pelvis.

These are the tissues of the uterus and the fallopian tube. Surgeons mainly try lessening the tumor through a surgery. Post the surgery, chemotherapy follows which might take six cycles.

Stage 3

In this stage of ovarian cancer, the cancer cells are found in the exterior part of the pelvis or the abdomen. They can also be located in the groin, behind the womb or the lymph nodes.

A surgery is carried out for shrinking the tumor which can be 1 cm or more so that it disappears completely. However, if the cancer is found to have spread to the intestines as well, then the intestines need to be removed.

Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Treatment

This is the most advanced and also the most detrimental stage of ovarian cancer. This is the stage where the cancer cells completely spread throughout the organs of the body including the liver, lungs and various other parts in the exterior of the peritoneal cavity.

The fourth stage of ovarian cancer is incurable. Treatment during this stage is basically aimed towards helping the patients live longer and easing the pain of the disease.

Different Stages of Ovarian Cancer

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