Top 5 Approved Drugs For Breast Cancer

By on December 31, 2013

Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer may cut their chances of developing aggressive breast cancer by certain approved drugs which are best treatment option.

Doctors suggest your breast cancer treatment options based on your cancer type, stage and grade. Certain targeted drugs are employed to treat specific abnormalities present within the cancer cells.

Drugs approved for breast cancer treatment are listed below:


Approved Drugs For Breast CancerIt is approved to treat metastatic breast cancer and used in combination with chemotherapy and trastuzumab.

This specific combination treatment drug is particularly employed to the women who have not tried any other drug treatments for reducing their cancer.

Potential side-effects may include hair loss, diarrhea and heart problems.


Arimidex is prescribed for women who experienced menopause. This drug is most effective and indicated for post menstrual women who have hormone receptor -positive early breast cancer.

The medication involves aromatase inhibitor that lowers the estrogen levels. It is beneficial for women who have family history of breast cancer and prevent the risk of developing cancer.


Exemestane is the latest prescribed drug used for treating advanced breast cancer in women who are not responsive for anti-estrogen therapy any more. It works effectively by lowering the estrogen levels.


Kadcyla is an approved breast cancer drug that targets the tumor cells by destructing healthy cells. It is employed in combination with powerful chemotherapy drug, Herceptin and it delivers excellent medication with fewer side-effects.

It works best for patients with a type of disease that is typically aggressive and shows less response to hormone therapy.


Afinitor is a targeted therapy drug that works by inhibiting the release of enzyme which is involved in growth of cancer cells. It particularly targets kinase, a protein enzyme known as mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) and limits the tumor growth.

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