Reasons Behind the Sudden Change of Colon Cancer Age Range

By on August 24, 2013

We can find many people, who have successfully battled the medical condition known as cancer and living their life cancer free, another threat is sending shudders across the world.

Nowadays young people are getting affected by colon cancer, which puts their lives at great risk.

This makes it difficult for others to beam with the fact the number of colon cancer deaths have shrunk owing to the growing number of top screening methods that help to identify this condition much earlier.

This has triggered a new trend that this medical condition has set back the old belief that it occurs between 40 years to 60 years age range. Nowadays, the younger colon cancer age range is between 13 years and 60 years.

Researches indicate an increase of risk among young people:

Colon Cancer Age RangeThough the decline of this medical condition is reduced in older adults, it does not hold the same among young adults. This is because, it has become compulsory for those who are over 40 years of age to take up screening tests each year to make sure that his or her gut condition is in perfect condition.

Researchers discovered that the incidence of occurrence of this medical condition known as Colon cancer is increasing drastically. They have noticed an increase of about 1.6% in females per year who were aged between 20 years to 49 years of age.

They also recognized a 1.5% increase among men who were also in the same age group within the last 10 years. There was also a drastic increase among the non Hispanic males and females, especially the younger people that showed a steep rise by 32%.

This drastic increase that was seen among the colon cancer age range was those who were between 20 to 29 years of age. These rates have seen a rise of over 5% per year, which is not a good sign among the youngsters in their prime ages.

This study reveals that the terrible medical condition called the colon cancer can no longer be safely called as the disease of the old aged as it has affected a fair share of youngsters including the teenagers.

So one cannot avoid wondering why there is a sudden increase in the medical condition among the youngsters. While there are many factors that determine the lower colon cancer age range, lifestyle and diet plays a vital role as the number one reason behind this condition.

Reasons behind colon cancer age range:

Eating lots of junk food, fast food, red meats, and other foods that don’t even have a trace of nutrition might affect the gut and the colon within. Such food habits would trigger obesity, which adds up to the risk of this colon cancer.

Lifestyle such as indulging in smoking, consuming too much alcohol, and no regular exercise workouts are all contributing factors to such condition.

The second most essential reason is the hereditary factor. If any person in the family is affected with colon cancer, it can affect the young generation 10 tears before. This calls for immediate screening tests that help to identify the colon cancer and cure it effectively.

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