Options For Colon Cancer Treatment By Stage

By on August 19, 2015

Colon cancer can turn out to be a deadly disease if it is not treated as early as possible. Early prevention can be of good help in avoiding this fatal disease that can take a toll on the life of the sufferer. If the patients of colon cancer are diagnosed early and treated promptly, they are sure to achieve full recovery.

The course of colon cancer treatment by stage varies in different patients. There are various factors that need to be considered including the health of the patients and the size and location of tumor along with the severity of the condition.

Colon Cancer Treatment By Stage

Have a look at the various options used for Colon Cancer Treatment by Stage available for treating the condition.

Colon Cancer Treatment By Stage

Treatment for Stage 1

Surgery comes as an initial treatment for color cancer. Through surgery, the tumor located in the colon is removed. There are different types of surgeries used for removing the tumor in the stage 1 of colon cancer and they include local excision, resection or anastomosis and polypectomy.

Treatment for Stage 2

Surgery along with adjuvant chemotherapy is suggested by doctors for the treatment of stage 2 of colon cancer. This is the stage where the cancer penetrates the colon wall and affects the adjacent tissue. The cancer in this stage has not yet affected the lymph nodes.

Treatment for Stage 3

Treatment for stage 3 of colon cancer might include anastomosis or resection with or without chemotherapy, radiation therapy or biological therapy post surgery.

Treatment for Stage 4

Treatment for this stage of cancer includes surgery for removing the parts of certain organs like the lungs, the ovaries and the liver where the cancer might have spread.

Clinical trials of biological therapy or chemotherapy might also be a possible treatment for stage 4 of colon cancer. However, it is to be noted that radiation therapy is one of the best treatment for this stage.

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