Melanoma Cancer Symptoms And Treatments According To Stages

By on February 9, 2015

You might have noticed that we all suffer from some forms of pigmentation in our skin.

However sometimes cancer gets developed in these cells and this results in the formation of melanocytes.

Most experts are of the opinion that if Melanoma is diagnosed at an early stage then it can be removed with simple surgery.

When we are not aware then it can grow into a complex type of skin cancer. Thus it is essential that we know the melanoma cancer symptoms and treatments.

Melanoma Cancer Symptoms And Treatments

Melanoma Cancer Symptoms

Here are the basic Melanoma cancer symptoms that a patient suffers from and what treatment can be undertaken according to stage of the cancer.

One of the most common signs of people suffering from Melanoma Cancer is that they have lost considerable weight over a short period of time.

For example a person might lose up to 10 pounds in two months or so. However medical experts are of the opinion that symptoms are best discussed when we try to understand each level of the cancer.


At the beginning melanoma is just in the area of the epidermis of the skin and it can be removed with operation. The doctor would conduct a biopsy before taking the necessary steps to remove it. If the test is positive then lymph nodes around the skin is removed as melanoma cancer treatment.


In its second stage Melanoma cancer would have spread into various layers of the skin. However the skin removal would not be greater than 2 cm. If the lymph nodes have cancer cells in them then the doctor would suggest special medications and vaccinations as treatment for melanoma skin cancer.


Sometimes the cancer here is widespread and might take the shape of a tumor. One of the simple facts about treatment of melanoma cancer symptoms is that the patient would have to undertake adjuvant-therapy or radiation therapy if the cancer has spread out extensively. Here application of imiquimod cream is also undertaken.


The cancer is widespread here and sometimes has developed into Metastases in different vital organs in the body. The cancer is very difficult to cure even though extensive radiation therapy is used. For Stage-4 Melanoma skin Cancer treatment extensive chemotherapy is also used.

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