Lung Cancer Symptoms In Women That Are Commonly Found

By on April 12, 2016

Cancer is basically a cell that loses its normal mechanism of control and thus it grown in an unregulated manner.

Lungs are pink sponges filling up the chest area. Lungs are divided into different sections called lobes.

Oxygen is brought into the lungs, transferred to blood with the waste products like carbon dioxide being expelled in an efficient manner.

Lung cancer symptoms in women can greatly differ from lung cancer symptoms in men. This is due to the fact that the different varieties of lung cancer differ between the sexes and they have different signs and symptoms.

Common Lung Cancer Symptoms In Women

Some of the lung cancer symptoms in women that are generally observed are as follows:

Lung Cancer Symptoms In Women

Pain and Swelling In Chest Area

Pain and swelling in the chest area is considered one of the most common lung cancer symptoms in women. These are symptoms that cause the patients to take immediate action.

Shoulder And Back Pain

Shoulder and back pain are the other symptoms associated with lung cancer in women. Shoulder and back pain is usually caused due to the pressure exerted on the nerves because of the growing tumor.

Shortness of Breathe

Shortness of breath which comes in gradually might be dismissed first as being inactivity or age but if it does not subside; steps need to be taken for proper diagnosis. Women with lung cancer might notice that they are suffering from breathing shortness while walking up and down the stairs.


It is always very important to take notice of unusual feelings. This is because unusual feelings like getting tired easily and feeling exhausted without any reason can be taken as the symptom of lung cancer in women.

Miscellaneous Symptoms

The other miscellaneous lung cancer symptoms in women include intense and persistent coughing, hoarse voice, recurrent problems of the lung, pneumonia, loss of appetite, headaches, facial or neck swelling, general weakness, blood clots and bleeding.

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