5 Tips to Follow When Living with Breast Cancer

By on July 6, 2013

Coping and living with breast cancer can be really challenging and stressful.

Usually breast cancer affects a woman’s daily life in different ways based on the stage of the disease and treatment they are undergoing.

How women cope with the diagnosis and treatment may vary from one person to another.

You can get various forms of support when you are living with breast cancer, but all those support options may not work on everybody.

Here are few support options for people who are living with breast cancer:

    Living with Breast Cancer

  • Talking to the family and friends can help to come out of your mind. Friends and family are a great support system.
  • Communicating with other people who are living with breast cancer can give some support.
  • Knowing about your condition as much as possible will help you a lot.
  • Make some time for yourself.
  • Avoid trying to do too much or overexerting.

Living and coping with breast cancer:

Living with cancer related fatigue:

Cancer related fatigue (CRF) is the most common side effect of the cancer and also its treatment. This condition is not anticipated by the tumor type, the treatment or the cancer stage.

Generally, fatigue comes suddenly and is not the result of any activity or exertion. Fatigue is not relieved even with rest and continues even after the treatment.

There are various reasons behind cancer related fatigue, such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, biological therapy and hormone therapy. The best way to combat CRF is to treat the underlying cause.

Breast reconstruction surgery:

It is a type of surgery for women who have had their breasts removed. Breast reconstruction can’t make your breast cancer to come back.

Even if the cancer comes back, reconstructed breasts might not cause any problem with radiation treatment or chemotherapy. Generally reconstruction very rarely causes breast cancer.


A healthy and well balanced diet can provide proper nutrients and energy when you are living with breast cancer. Good nutrition aids you to stay stronger and feel your best. Nutritional guidelines for breast cancer patients are very much different than a normal diet. You need to ask your nutrition expert for more suggestions.


Women with breast cancer who exercise regularly have an improved outcome when compared to women who do not. Regular exercising will give required energy and also help from gaining unwanted weight. Dancing, swimming and other programs will also offer emotional boost.

Right clothing:

When you begin to learn about living with breast cancer, the first thing you need to start is diagnosis. There are several fears you will have like baldness, weight loss or gain, etc. So, in order to look your best, you need to choose right clothing. You can ask other breast cancer survivors about their clothing options.

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