Is Cervical Cancer Treatable? Know The Available Options

By on June 27, 2014

Think you have cervical cancer!!? You might also think is cervical cancer treatable or not. However, it is completely treatable if it is detected in early stages. Wondering!!?? However, yes, it is true.

Whatever you hear about cervical cancer treatment is just a myth. Well, here are your treatment options for cervical cancer you are looking for. Get through it, hope you will come to know how cervical cancer is treated.

Cervical cancer is something implies in two stages to get appropriate treatment.

Firstly, early stage and secondly, advanced stage. Treatment to cervical cancer is actually depending on the stage it has been spread.

Is Cervical Cancer TreatableOther factors that are considered to decide your right option to treat cervical cancer include age, type of cancer, location of cancer and your future conception decisions.

If you have been luckily diagnosed for cervical cancer in early stages, following are the treatment options you will be recommended by your doctor. Know what they are!!

For your complete cure of cervical cancer, doctors prefer surgery in early stages to remove all the cancerous cells or perform radiotherapy and in some cases, they go for both the options to remove cancerous organ completely.


Mainly, three types of surgical options are available for cervical cancer treatment. They are

  • Pelvic exenteration
  • Hysterectomy and
  • Radical trachelectomy


Radiotherapy may be performed singly or it may be coupled with surgery while treating early stage cervical cancer. It may also be coupled with chemotherapy while treating advanced stage cervical cancer. Added benefit of getting radiotherapy includes controlling pain and bleeding.

It is performed actually in two ways that are externally and internally to kill tumor cells.

If you are diagnosed in late stages of cervical cancer or having cervical cancer even after getting previous surgery or radiotherapy, chemotherapy is your best option for treating any form of advanced cervical cancer.

Sometimes, combination of both chemotherapy and radiotherapy is suggested to remove all the cancer-causing elements from your body.


Chemotherapy involves injecting a single dose of medication called Cisplatin through intravenous drip. It is great for treating your cancerous cells in the cervix completely.

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