Cures For Stomach Cancer According To Cancer Stage

By on July 16, 2015

When cancer cells start forming in the inner lining of the stomach, this is when stomach cancer starts.

The cancer cells that grow in the stomach’s inner lining can also develop into tumor. Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer and it grows slowly in several years.

Bacteria called H. pylori that can result in ulcers can be the main cause of stomach cancer.

Apart from this, long-lasting anemia, polyps and gut inflammation known as gastritis are other causes of stomach cancer. Cures for Stomach Cancer is best administered stage-wise.

Stage Wise Cures for Stomach Cancer

Here are the available cures for stomach cancer, which is done according to the prevailing cancer stage:

Cures For Stomach Cancer

Stage 0

This is the stage where the cancer remains limited to the stomach’s inner lining and does grow into the deeper layers of the stomach.

Surgery along with other subtotal or total gastrectomy is the only treatment for this stage of stomach cancer. Endoscopic reaction can also serve as a good treatment.

Stage 1

The main treatment for stage 1 stomach cancer is surgery involving total gastrectomy. Lymph nodes are also removed. Chemoradiation or chemotherapy might be given prior to the surgery for shrinking the cancer and making it easier to be removed.

Stage 2

Surgery for removing all the parts of the stomach, nearby lymph nodes and the omentum involves the treatment for the second stage of stomach cancer. Chemoradiation and chemotherapy are given both before and after the surgery.

Stage 3

The main treatment for stage 3 stomach cancer is surgery. While surgery is not a permanent cure for the patients as the cancer has full chances of repeating itself post surgery. Chemoradiation and chemotherapy are administered to the patients only if the patient is in good condition.

Stage 4

Stage 4 of stomach cancer is the stage when the cancer has already spread to different parts of the body. This stage of stomach cancer is not curable.

However, treatment might be given for helping the cancer under control and for reliving the symptoms. Targeted therapy is the main treatment for this stage. These are the stages of the basic cures for Stomach Cancer.

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