Can Metastatic Breast Cancer Be Cured: A Realistic Discussion

By on September 9, 2014

Do you have a doubt about can metastatic breast cancer be cured?

The other name for Metastatic breast cancer is stage 4 breast cancer.

Metastatic breast cancer is when a woman has suffered from breast cancer for a few years and then the roots of cancer have advanced to other parts of the body.

The cancer cells in Metastatic breast cancer have developed resistance as they have undergone many treatments and acquired special characteristics in this regard.

This cancer can be treated, but in most cases it cannot be cured.

How does Metastatic breast cancer spread?

Can Metastatic Breast Cancer Be CuredThe cells of the Metastatic breast cancer attack the local normal tissues. They divide and grow and move to different parts of the patient’s body.

They invade the blood capillaries and destroy the normal tissues around it. Micrometastases are small tumors which grow in the cancer affected area.

What are the treatments available?

The basic problem faced in the treatment of Metastatic breast cancer is that the since the cancer cells have spread in the body, you cannot remove it easily like a simple case of breast cancer.

When selecting a treatment certain factors are considered like-

  • What is the nature of the cancer cells?
  • Has the patient undergone any type of breast cancer treatment earlier?
  • What is the location where the cancer cells have spread?

If the cancer is more receptive to hormones than hormone therapy is given. Otherwise, he would be put on drugs like Herceptin. Chemotherapy is also given to remove the growth of tumors.

How long do these patients live?

A study undertaken has shown that women who were diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer lived for nearly five years after their diagnosis. Now days with advanced treatment available for cancer, patients are hoping that they have a better rate of survival.

The disease if detected at an early stage would help the patient to survive in a better manner, as the roots of Metastatic breast cancer would be removed before it becomes dangerous.

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