Know About The Stage 4 Renal Cancer Life Expectancy

By on March 25, 2014

What is the stage 4 renal cancer life expectancy? Would you like to know about it? Keep reading to get some information on stage 4 renal cancer.

What is Renal Cancer?

Renal cancer happens when cells on one of your kidneys start to grow uncontrollably, resulting tumors.

Ultimately, your life expectancy after diagnosis of renal cancer may vary from statistical patterns.

But the stage of cancer contributes to how long you are going to live.

What is The Stage 4 Renal Cancer Life Expectancy?

Stage 4 Renal Cancer Life ExpectancyPatients dealing with stage 4 renal cancers will have cancer that has spread to other organs in the body, invaded directly into local structures or may spread to at least one nearby lymph node. Stage 4 disease is also called as metastatic cancer.

Some patients with this advanced stage of disease can live for more than five years but the life expectancy is determined based on overall health condition of the patient.

The stage 4 renal cancer can indicate some possibilities. One is that cancerous cells crossed fibrous tissues surrounding kidney and affecting one lymph node. Another possibility is that cancer cells invaded other organs.

In the later stage, it is too late to remove all the cancer that is why people in stage 4 renal cancers have life expectancy not more than a few years.

Because of limited range of treatment options available, life expectancy for people with stage 4 renal cancers is not high. Two factors mainly affect these poor survival statistics. The first is grade of cancer and the other factor is his or her overall health.

People who often suffer from bouts of fever, weight loss and complain of exhaustion have a poorer prognosis compared to those who don’t have these conditions. Known as the ‘Performance Status’ in medical terminology, the healthier the patient, the more he or she can increase their odds of living more than five years.

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