What Are The Different Stages Of Healing A Bone Fracture?

By on April 2, 2014

Can you imagine what occurs with broken bone when you met an accident?

Do you ever thought how broken bones get heal and what are different stages of healing a bone fracture?

This is quite interesting process. Let us see exactly what happens after injury and what phases of fracture healing involved.

Here are the various stages of healing a bone fracture.

1. Inflammatory Stage

Inflammation begins immediately after bone is fractured and also lasts for several days.

Stages Of Healing A Bone FractureWhen bone gets fractured, hematoma grows around fractured area.

Inflammatory cells and fibroblasts including monocytes and macrophages actually infiltrate damaged bone.

In this process, granulation tissues formatted along vascular tissues growth. This is the early stage in which an exposed muscle and cancellous bone provide oxygen and primary nutrients.

Bone healing process may be damaged if cytotoxic or anti-inflammatory medications should be taken at this stage.

2. Reparative Phase

Next of the stages of healing a bone fracture is reparative phase. After a few days of fracture, inner lining of the bone periostealalso replicates to form chondroblasts. These chondroblasts fills the gap between the broken bones by creating a net-like structure.

The fibroblasts in granulation tissue develop into chondroblasts to form hyaline cartilage. The process continues until fractured gap is completely filled. This process is known as callus formation.

3. Remodeling Process

Remodeling stage is last stage of fractured bone healing process and referred as cleaning stage.During this phase, fractured bone returns to its original structure, mechanical shape and strength.

Last stage of bone healing process is pretty slow and even takes months or years based on the damage. Mechanical stress is also needed to facilitate bone healing process. Adequate strength is actually achieved within 3-8 months.

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