What Are The Common Knee Problems That Occur During Workouts?

By on August 13, 2013

The knee is an important part of our body that helps in dynamic movements. Sometimes, when you perform rigorous workouts like running long distances for a number of hours, it might lead to common knee problems.

The reason behind this is that our knees can get badly damaged due to overuse of running and exercise. Sometimes, the knee structure can also break owing to intense wear and tear.

If you are a runner, then you must be aware of the various problems that you might be facing when you don’t take a break while performing strenuous activities like running.

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome:

Common Knee ProblemsPatellofemoral Pain Syndrome can be one of the common knee problems. This can be the result of running too much distance or for a continuous time period. This syndrome can be associated with symptoms such as pain in the knee cap.

This pain will be intense in nature. This can get even worse, when coupled with activity and rest. You will also feel the pain in one or two knees at the same time. Avoid performing activities like running or playing as the movement of the legs can aggravate the condition.

You can also apply ice to the affected knee for about 20 minutes each day as it can be highly rewarding. Using running soles or by taping your shoes, you can get a lot of help to cure this condition.

Knee Cap Dislocation:

Knee cap dislocation is one among the common knee problems that most runners face. This dislocation occurs when the bone that covers your knee is moved from its position.

The symptoms of this knee problem include knee pain and tenderness, swelling of the knee and a kneecap that keeps moving from left to right. This condition is very prominent among women runners.

This condition is usually caused when the runner feels a light movement in their knee cap that moves either to the right or to the left while running. Sometimes too much trauma to the knee can also lead to dislocation. It is essential to stabilize the kneecap using a splint and seek immediate medical attention.

For some, the doctor would advise a cast for the knee to make sure that the knee cap stays in its position intact. Then physical therapy would be advised to strengthen your muscles while a surgery would be recommended to put back your knee cap in place.

Plica Syndrome:

The plica means the thin lining that is present in your knee joint. This tissue consists of synovial tissue which is very slippery in nature. This means that there would be four plical folds in your knee and the common knee problems occur when the lower part of your knee cap gets damaged or injured.

When the motions or actions are repeated, especially when you are a runner, you will experience this plica syndrome. Even if you have a fall or have an accident you will experience this knee problem. Taking anti inflammatory drugs would also be helpful to ease the inflammation caused.

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