Various Methods Of Bone Spur In Shoulder Treatment

By on March 28, 2015

Before delving deep into understanding the various methods of Bone Spur in Shoulder Treatment, you must have simple information and good idea about what actually are bone spurs, the causes and the symptoms.

Bone spurs in shoulder are a result of chronic stress that lasts for a very long span of time.

Bone spurs are generally undiscovered and asymptomatic until they get revealed through x-ray evaluation.

Bone Spur In Shoulder Treatment

Some of the best methods that can effectively be used for Bone Spur in Shoulder Treatment include:

Bone Spur In Shoulder Treatment

Losing a Considerable Amount of Weight

If obesity is the main cause of bone spur in shoulder then one of the most effective treatments for this condition would be losing a considerable amount of weight. This can be of good help in preventing the further exasperation of the condition.

If an individual loses weight, it will help in preventing the extra pressure applied on the bone spur and this would avoid the pain which would get worsened with time.

Anti-Inflammatory Measures

The very basic treatment for bone spur in shoulder is making use of ice for at least twenty minutes after strenuous activity. This helps in preventing or decreasing any form of inflammation.

Physicians might also recommend over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. If the medications do not work then you might have stronger alternatives prescribed by your physician.

There are some patients of bone spurs in shoulder who even go for anti-inflammatory drug injections like those of cortisone.

Physical Therapy

If the anti-inflammatory measures do not produce any results then it is best to go for physical therapy for at least six to seven weeks. Therapists make use of modalities like electric stimulation, ice, heat and ultrasound for reducing the inflammation.

Stretching and massage might also be used for increasing the range of flexibility and motion of the patient.

Strengthening exercises for increasing the shoulder joint stability form the final facet of physical therapy. Surgery is the last method that can be used for treating bone spur in shoulder if all the above methods prove to be ineffective.

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