Know The Various Treatments For Scaphoid Fractures

By on December 11, 2013

Diagnosed with scaphoid fracture or suspected to have wrist fracture?

Amazingly, there are many treatment options for scaphoid fractures depending on the fracture pattern.

Scaphoid fractures usually happen among young men who are involved in athletic activities.

Here are some treatment options with reference to type of fractures:

    Treatments For Scaphoid Fractures

  • Fracture of scaphoid bones is commonly a missed fracture. The displaced fractures can be treated with scaphoidcast for 6-8 weeks which are fixed by screws. The cast is worn until the fracture heals and may be continued for longer if necessary. In some cases, casting is most effective and reliable option in treating scaphoid fractures.
  • Sometimes to treat missed or displaced fractures, surgery is highly recommended. Surgery involves insertion of small pin or screw by bone grafting procedure into fractured scaphoid bone in order to hold the bone fragments together to keep in correct position. This process is done through a small incision in your skin. Through surgery, your wrist injuries are healed quickly and also treated appropriately.
  • New innovations have been discovered for treating scaphoid fractures which is injections of a biological substance into a non-union bone. This new treatment option enhances the rate of bone healing process and even minimizes the necessity of prolonged immobilization.
  • Bone stimulation by electricity or application of ultrasound has also shown best results in speeding up the healing process of scaphoid fractures.
  • Some scaphoid fractures are treated functionally. It is used mostly in case of clinically suspected fractures. Early and direct functional treatment may be started by using an orthotics or a bandage. People who suspect clinical scaphoid fractures must have radiological evaluation repeatedly after trauma within a week to get normal functionality of the bone.
  • Physicaltherapy can also do wonders in treating non-union bone fractures. Patient must perform active range of motion exercises during first two weeks and followed by strengthening exercises that progress the ROM.

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