Spur In Foot Treatment Options That Works Effectively

By on April 22, 2016

A spur in the foot is basically calcium deposit which causes a kind of bony protrusion underside the heel bone.

This condition is also called heel spur because it mainly appears in the heel area and extends forward by half an inch on an x-ray.

A spur in the foot is generally painless but sometimes it can cause acute pain in the heel. This condition is also connected to plantar fasciitis.

Spur in Foot Treatment options include custom-made orthotics, cortisone injections, exercise and anti-inflammatory medicines. Surgery might prove to be important if these conservative treatments do not work.

Effective Spur In Foot Treatment Options

Let us have a look at the options for spur in foot treatment that works effectively in treating.

Spur In Foot Treatment

Ice Applications

One of the most effective spur in foot treatment options is ice application that helps in decreasing inflammation and in avoiding reinjury. It also helps in reducing the pain caused due to spur in foot.


Anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen and cortisone injections can also turn out to be very healthful in treating spur in foot.

Orthotic Devices

Shoe inserts or orthotic devices can also be used for taking pressure off the spurs in the foot area. Patients can even make the effective use of heel lifts for reducing stress on the heels which automatically relieves painful spurs in he foot and the heel area.


There are different types of exercises that can also be practiced for removing pain caused due to spur in the foot area. However, if you are of the view that the spur has been caused due to an exercise, try changing your exercise regimen.

Guided Imagery and Hypnosis

Sometimes spur in the foot and associated pain might be stress related. Generalized tension might contribute to acute pain in the foot area for which guided imagery and hypnosis is important. There are other natural solutions like the intake of magnesium and vitamin B5 that can also be of good help in treating spur in the foot.

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