Significant Hip Replacement Surgery Complications You To Be Aware Of

By on June 10, 2016

Hip replacement surgery is being practiced since a very long time and it has been of good help for a large number of people experiencing painful arthritis and pelvic injury.

Hip replacement surgery is also beneficial in improving the quality of life of patients who suffer from pain in the hip.

There are around 450, 000 patients who undergo hip replacement surgery annually with a large number of them going for metal on metal hip replacement procedures.

This type of surgery is usually done because of pain and loss of immobility from the deterioration of the hip joint or due to injury.

Hip Replacement Surgery Complications

Significant Hip Replacement Surgery Complications

Significant and noteworthy hip replacement surgery complications that you need to be aware of are included below:

Blood Clots

Patients who undergo hip replacement surgery might develop blood clots in the deep veins of the leg resulting in swelling of the leg along with severe pain. This generally happens due to changes in the flow of blood and its ability of clotting post surgery.

Pulmonary Embolism

The blood clots in the thing veins can detach and move towards the lungs through the blood vessels and they might get stuck in the lungs causing sudden chest pain, collapse and breathlessness. This is called pulmonary embolism.


Dislocation is also one of the common hip replacement surgery complications that you need to be aware of. The artificial hip positioned by way of surgery can easily dislocate and it needs to be put back at the right position with the patient under anesthesia.


Infections are quite rare with hip replacement surgery but there are always some chances of experiencing primary infections, superficial infections or late onset infections. There are precautions taken during the surgical procedure but in spite of the precautions, infections are likely to occur.

Implant Loosening

The implant loosening from the structure of the bone is one of the most common hip replacement surgery complications. This loosening might be the result of an infection or the use of faulty techniques during the surgical procedure.

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