Neck Herniated Disc Symptoms That Interpret With Our Daily Tasks

By on October 31, 2013

The most common neck herniated disc symptoms are numbness and tingling sensation in various parts of body, and pain in arms and legs.

Before getting into complete details lets first know about what is disc herination.

What is disc herniation?

Spine is comprised of several bones called vertebrae. This vertebra which is present in your back is supported or protected by flat and round shaped discs.

Discs protect or act like shock absorbers to the spine and also make it flexible. Disc herniation occurs when the discs get damaged or slipped.

Neck Herniated Disc SymptomsWhen the discs damaged then they would bulge abnormally and ruptures usually. Herniated discs can happen mostly to the lower back of spine and neck areas. Cervical spine is formed by seven vertebra located between head and the chest.

Causes of disc herniation:

A herniated disc also called disc degeneration is happened by tear and wear of the disc. Discs are filled with fluids to maintain their flexibility. As you age, they lose fluid part gradually. Any injuries to the spine also lead to herniated disc as it gets tears in the upper layer of it.

Symptoms of neck herniated disk:

Neck herniated disc symptoms include numbness, pain and weakness in the shoulders, neck, arms, chest and hands. In severe conditions of herniated disc, you may have symptoms like tingling sensation which is unusual affecting others parts of the body. Some of the herniated disc symptoms are discussed below:

1. Numbness:
People who suffer with neck herniated disc experience tingling sensation or numbness in the body parts by the damage of nucleus present in the disc.

2. Arm or leg pain:

If you are sufferer of herniated disc in your lower back, you may experience severe pain in buttocks, leg particularly below knee and arms.

If you are a neck herniated patient, then the intense pain will be in your arms and shoulders. The pain continues to leg or arm whenever you cough, sneeze and move your spine very often.

3. Weakness:

Muscles which are associated with particular nerves are affected in neck herniated disc patients. This may lead to stumble that is unable to hold things.

4. Neurological Difficulties

Neck herniated disc symptoms also include some neurological problems like:

  • C4-C5 nerve root: It affects muscle in upper arm by making it weak. It leads to shoulder pain but not any tingling or numbness.
  • C5-C6 nerve root: It weakens the muscles in wrists and biceps. Tingling and numbness with severe pain in the thumb of hands is the major symptom.
  • C6-C7 nerve root: It could cause pain and weakness starting from triceps to shoulders. It causes tingling and numbness to middle finger and triceps muscles.
  • C7-T1 nerve root: It weakens the hand drip. Numbness extends to little figure of hand.

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