Natural Winter Joint Pain Remedies You Can Use

By on January 28, 2016

Winter season brings in many ailments with the most common being joints pain. Winter joint pain involves inflammation of the joints with severe pain, joint stiffness and joint swelling.

Studies carried out in this field suggest a close relation between winter and joint flare-ups. Colder temperatures can result in painful changes in the thickness of joint fluid.

Winter season can be worst people suffering with arthritis. Exercising, diet, maintaining proper weight and medications can help in relieving joint pain in winter.

Natural Winter Joint Pain Remedies

There are some great natural remedies that can help in healing Winter Joint Pain and they have been enumerated below:

Winter Joint Pain

Eating Turmeric

It has been evaluated through studies that the intake of turmeric during the winter season helps in treating joint pain. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties possessed by turmeric.

Taking Supplements

Supplements like chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate might be of good help in nourishing the cartilage and in increasing lubrication in the joints during the winter season. These are supplements that help in easing the symptoms of joint pain in people suffering from severe or moderate pain in the joints.

Keeping Oneself Moving

Cold weather is the leading cause of joint pain because people do not work out their joints and their body during the winter season. Behaving like couched potatoes is extremely bad for the health of the joints. This is due to the fact that proper exercise helps in lubricating the joints and in alleviating pain.

Combining Cold and Hot Therapies

Alternating between cold packs and heating pads can be of good help in decreasing swelling and inflammation of the joints. Cold provides relief from swelling and pain while heat helps in the reduction of inflammation.

Staying Hydrated

Drinking lots of water during the winter season helps in softening the cartilage and keep it hydrated. This helps in maintaining adequate volume of blood for the nutrients to move about in blood and into the joints. These are some of the best natural cures for joint pain during the winter season.

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