Know What Is Effusion Of The Knee?

By on January 6, 2015

If you want to know What Is Effusion of the Knee then it is quite important for you to also have an idea about the symptoms and the causes of this disease.

Effusion of the knee or Knee Effusion is colloquially called water on the knee.

This is a condition which occurs due to the accumulation of excess fluid in and around the joint of the knee.

Symptoms of Effusion of the Knee

The symptoms of knee effusion are generally dependent on the reason behind the accumulation of excess fluid in the knee joint.
What Is Effusion Of The Knee
Some symptoms include:

  • Swelling: One knee might appear larger in comparison to the other. There are prominent signs of puffiness close to the bony areas of the knee in comparison to the other knee.
  • Pain: Pain in the knee area is another common symptom of knee effusion. This is because of the swelling of one knee and also because the knee joint bears extra weight.
  • Bruising: If a person injures his or her knee then he or she might notice bruising on the sides, rear and front of the knee. This might cause unbearable pain in the knee joint.
  • Stiffness: Excess fluid in the knee joint hampers movements like bending and straightening.

Causes of Knee Effusion

There are various types of issues that can result in knee effusion ranging from conditions and diseases to traumatic injuries.

  • Injuries: Injuries in the knee area can result in painful accumulation of excess fluid. Such injuries include meniscus tear, broken bones, overuse injuries and ligament tear.
  • Conditions and Diseases: Underlying conditions and diseases which might result in the build-up of excess fluid include infection, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, pseudogout, gout, cysts, bursitis, tumors and bleeding disorders.


Treatment of knee effusion is completely dependent on the cause. General measures like analgesics, ice and rest are often suggested.

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